Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the one with all the blogtimization

The official AdSense Blog gave tips to bloggers on how to optimize ads in their blog or in other words, Blogtimize!

They gave 4 tips on how to blogtimize:
1. Choose the right ad formats
2. Place ads where your readers will notice
3. Improve targeting
4. Customize your ad colors

As you can see, I kind of, followed the layout of the diagram at the right a little bit, except for the search box. I choose the right kind of ads, I think. I placed it where the readers will notice, between the posts. I think my ad targeting also improved even if I didn't use section targeting. As you can see, the ads that usually appear now tends to be related to my OJT entries because those are the entries present when I first put ads in this blog. But as I post new entries and the OJT entries pushed off from the index, the ads will change and be related to the new posts. I also customized the colors of my ads so that they will blend onto the color of the background.

You can read the full article from the official AdSense Blog here:
Inside AdSense: Blogtimize!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

the one with all the AdSense again...

After a month in the Google AdSense program, I got _____, haha! I though its easy at first because all I have to do is put up the ads then just wait for the money to come in. :D Well, now I know it's not that easy to make money with your website or blog with an advertising network like Google AdSense if you don't have enough visitors, because who will click on your ads? Stupid me! I put up all these ads and I don't have any visitors, haha! I think I should promote my blog and post more entries that are rich in information. But then again, if I do that, people will know what I'm up to because this is like my personal blog. Maybe I'll just invite close friends just like when I started this blog. Bahala na! Haha! Just wish me luck! :D