Monday, May 05, 2008

Mac Games and More!

The following is a paid review:

Looking for mac games to install on your new Mac or on your old Mac that need some new, fun, and exciting mac games? is just the website for you!

Mac games and more is a website that showcases different shareware and freeware games for mac. Some of their shareware games are Warblade, Plant Tycoon, Deluxe Poc Mon, and Global Warning. Not all of these shareware games can be bought through the site as some have links and some don't have that will take you on where you can buy it, but demos of this shareware games can be all be downloaded through the site. Some of the freeware games they offer are Frozen Bubble, Name That iTune, Kiki The Nanobot, and Gold Miner Joe for mac. These freeware games are ready for download at the website.

Are you wondering why it is called Mac Games and More? It is called mac games and more because it does not only showcase mac games but it also showcase different shareware and freeware softwares for mac. It also have a mac blog, that complements the site, which talks about anything related to mac like its hardware, software, updates to these hardware and software, gadgets, and other stuff about mac and other apple products. Visit the site at if you have the time and browse through the site for those games that you want on your mac!

Friday, May 02, 2008

the one with the 4 surveys

There are 4 surveys in this post:
1. Breakup and Learn
2. Haircuts
3. Get me there
4. Charity from dNeero-ites

Enjoy! :D