Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Free Counter Pro

The following is a paid review:

You have seen websites offering free counters, hit counters, web counters, web hit counters, or whatever you may want to call it, all over the web and Free Counter Pro is just one of them. Sign up at and create a Free Web Hit Counter for your personal website, blog, social networking site, and/or your company website for free. This Free Web Hit Counter will enable you to keep track of the overall statistics of your website like how many times your website has been visited and how many times the web pages in your website has been viewed. The Free Web Hit Counter at also has over 50 counter images to choose from so selecting an image to match the style of your website will not be a very big problem.

How to install the counter:

1. Create an account or sign up (Don't worry, its free!)
  • Choose a username and provide your email address and website URL.
  • You could also change the counter value and its style.
  • Your password will be sent to you via email together with your chosen username.
2. Retrieve Counter Code
  • Login to your account using the login information that you received via email.
  • Click the Retrieve Counter Code and retrieve the counter code by copying the code given in the text field.
3. Modify your website.
  • Place the counter code in any part of your website that you want the counter to show up.
  • The counter will start at the counter value that you selected during sign up.
  • You could also modify the information such as website URL, counter value, and its style by clicking Counter Options after logging in.
Sign up now at and get a Free Web Hit Counter with all of these features for free!

the one with all of the Paid To Click (PTC) sites that I joined...

Almost 4 months ago, I joined some Paid To Click (PTC) sites just for fun. I want to be able to experience making money online and I also want to put some $$$ in my PayPal account. These are the status of those account:

1. Advercash
Ads Clicked: 311
Number of Referrals: 22
Referral Clicks: 1393
Balance: $11.31
Payout: $12.50

2. TitanClicks
Ads Clicked: 178
Number of Referrals: 4
Referral Clicks: 223
Balance: $2.20
Payout: $10.00

3. Bux.To
Ads Clicked: 166
Number of Referrals: 0
Referral Clicks: 0
Balance: $1.75
Payout: $10.00

4. SmartBux
Ads Clicked: 100
Number of Referrals: 1
Referral Clicks: 13
Balance: $1.03
Payout: $10.00

5. MyRealCash
Ads Clicked: 115
Number of Referrals: 0
Referral Clicks: 0
Balance: $0.62
Payout: $7.00

6. AdBux
Ads Clicked: 218
Number of Referrals: 2
Referral Clicks: 23
Balance: $0.73
Payout: $10.00

7. BuxGalore
Ads Clicked:
Number of Referrals:
Referral Clicks:
*BuxGalore is down and I can't remember my account status...

As you can see, Advercash is may most maintained account and it will soon reach its payout. I haven't paid attention to the others for I think 2 months now. I lost interest in my other accounts when I got many referrals in Advercash. If I will be active in my other accounts again, it will be on my TitanClicks and Bux.To accounts because I have some referrals in my
TitanClicks account and Bux.To offers you many ads to click daily. If you want to join, just click the link of the PTC site you want. Please join Advercash first and help me get my first payout, thanks! I will just create another post if I reach the payout so that I can show you that not all PTC sites are scam and some of it are real ;)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Spock People Search

The following is a paid review: - the best people search on the Web, is a search engine that is designed for people like you who are looking for other people. This other people could be your friends, relatives, schoolmates, officemates, colleagues, or anyone, even the people you still don't know. To harness the full potential of this people search engine, you must join Spock and make account at their site. After making an account, you can now use the other features of Spock like uploading pictures, adding news, websites, tags, quotes and related people to your own result page or a specific search result. I already signed up at Spock and its fairly easy to get started with it.

There are 3 steps in getting started with Spock:

Step 1: Signup
  • Sign-up at their site.
  • Wait for the confirmation email to be sent in the email that you provided at the sign-up.
  • Click the link in the email to finish your sign-up.
Step 2: Find Contacts from your Address Book or Social Network
  • Spock will let you choose from your address book in popular web-based email services and from your friends in social networking websites.
  • You can choose from Yahoo, GMail, MySpace, LinkedIN, AmericaOnline, Plaxo, and Hotmail.
  • When Spock finds matching results with your contacts, you can choose to Trust these contacts or not.
  • Trusting someone, or adding someone as a friend from the way I see it, allows you to:
  • - Search each other's networks
  • - Share contact Information
  • - Get updates and news about each other
Step 3: Tell Spock About Yourself
  • You will just provide an initial description about yourself in this step.
  • Spock will ask for which city you are in, what college do you go to or did you go to, and the company you are working for right now.
  • These are not permanent and can be changed once you are on your results page and you are logged in.
Before you are brought to your results page, Spock will ask you to upload a picture. You can choose to upload or not upload a picture, it's optional. And that's it! You now have a Spock account then you will be brought to your results page.

Things you can do at your results page:
  • Add pictures
  • Add news
  • Add websites
  • Manage contact info
  • Add relevant tags
  • Add related people
If you want to find people whom you want to add to your trusted contacts but are not in the contacts you provided in Step 2 above, you can just search for them. There is also an advanced search where in you can search for the name or email, tags, and/or location, all at once. There is also an option where in you can specify an age range, gender, and if you want the search results to have a picture or not.

The people search of Spock also have a search widget that you can embed in another web page by simply copying the code provided. This is an example of Spock's search widget:

I used the keywords "Blogger" and "Philippines".

These features combined with the community aspect of makes it a powerful search engine for people. So, when you want to search for someone go to Join - the best people search on the Web!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the one where FON is... Everywhere!


You share a bit of your WiFi with other Foneros...
...And Foneros around the world will give WiFi back to you

Do you know what FON is?
FON is the largest WiFi community in the world.

How does it work?
1. Sign up at their site to become a Fonero.
2. Get a La Fonera and setup a FON Spot.

- La Fonera is the FON Router which enables you to securely share you WiFi connection by using two WiFi signals, a private signal and a public signal.

- FON Spot is the term they use for their Wifi hotspot.
3. Register your La Fonera using your account at their site and start sharing you WiFi connection.
4. You now have WiFi at home and you can now also access any FON Spot around the world for free!
* I think 1 and 2 can be interchangeable.

3 types of Foneros:
1. Alien
- a Fonero that is not yet sharing his WiFi connection
- can connect to any FON Spot by purchasing a FON Access Pass
2. Linus
- a Fonero that is sharing his WiFi connection
- can connect to any FON Spot around the world for free!
3. Bill
- a Fonero that is sharing his WiFi connection
- can connect to any FON Spot around the world for free!
- can make money sharing his WiFi connection through his FON Spot!

I'm still an Alien because I don't have a La Fonera yet. I don't know any FON retailers here in the Philippines. Is there any La Fonera retailers here? If you live in the Philippines and you're a Linus or a Bill, where did you bought your La Fonera?

Well, if I can't find any retailers here, I think I'll buy one online at the U.S. FON Shop. There are also FON Shops located here in Asia buy I'm afraid to buy it from there because the packaging may not be in english and I don't know how to read chinese or japanese, hehe! I'm just planning to buy it from the U.S. FON Shop because I'm sure that the packaging of their products are in english :D

I hope FON expand their services here in Asia particularly here in the Philippines. I think they can coordinate with PLDT, BayanTel, Globe, or Smart like when they coordinated with British Telecom and created the BT FON Community. I know we're a third world country and there are other issues that have to be prioritized other than being connected to the internet anywhere you go in the country but I think this would still be great for our country. It can spread like text messaging, 3G, DSL and other services that were offered by our local telecommunication communication companies. If this eventually comes true, I think charging the Filipinos who are just Aliens and not Linuses or Bills yet for a $3 or 120Php-150Php one day FON Access Pass is too much. FON must make it cheaper for us Filipinos and they should also make a way for us buy it offline like in the form or prepaid cards or something else. Anyway, do you think the business model of FON will be accepted here in the Philippines? Is it legal for PLDT MyDSL, Bayan DSL, Globe Broadband, and SmartBro subscribers to share their internet connection?

I haven't really tried their service because I'm still an Alien and not a Linus or Bill yet.
Regardless if I become a Linus or a Bill, I don't travel around the world and there are I think 5 or 6 FON Spots here in Quezon City and Manila combined according to FON Maps so it will be difficult for me to find a FON Spot because 5-6 WiFi hotspots will not cover Metro Manila. I don't why but I'm so happy about FON and its concept and idea for having WiFi everywhere even if I haven't tried it. I just have so many ideas right now on how I can use it, hahaha! :D

This is not a paid review. I just happen to like FON and make a post about it :D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Payday Loans ABC

The following is a paid review:

Need cash to buy groceries or to buy something from the hardware store to fix something in your house? Why not loan some money from the bank? But what if you need the money immediately and cannot wait for that lengthy approval process? A Payday Loan Advance is just the right solution for you.

Payday Loans ABC, a guide to online payday loans, payday loan and cash advance on the internet. They will aid you in getting that emergency cash in a quick, easy and confidential way and it does not matter if you need as low as $100 or as high $500.

  1. A copy of your most recent paycheck stub.
  2. A copy of a VOIDED personal check. (Temporary checks will not be accepted.)
  3. Contact numbers for both work and home. Also, permission to contact you on both will be requested.
  4. An active checking account.
  5. A monthly income of no less than $1,000.
  6. Any outstanding payday loans must be settled. That will be confirmed with Teletrack.
  7. A copy of your most recent bank statement. It must be dated within one month (30 days) of the filed application.
  1. Apply for your loan online.
  2. Send all requested documents to Loan representatives via fax. Items such as a current bank statement or a current pay stub may be requested in event of a questionable credit history.
  3. After your loan has been approved, it will appear promptly in your checking account. A standard expectation for receiving your loan is the following business day.
  4. When your next pay period arrives all fees and amounts owed will automatically be deducted from you checking account.
Is that easy or what! Go to Payday Loans ABC to make that payday cash advance now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sentiments of an iPod Newbie concerning the iPod Touch January Software Upgrade

Feedback to iTunes Store:

Customer First Name : Maruel

Customer Last Name : Alimboyao

email :

Web Order # :

Support Subject : Account or Billing

Sub Issue : My credit card or billing information is not accepted

iTunes Account Name: Not provided

Platform : Windows XPSP2+

I want to download the January Software Upgrade of iPod Touch. I created an Apple Account since I haven't done that since I bought my iPod last December. After that I have created an Apple Account, I tried to buy the software but iTunes gives me a message saying that my Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store so I tried creating an Apple Account for the US iTunes Store. I noticed that the billing address of my payment information must be in the US. I live in the Philippines, so I searched for Philippines in the list of countries where iTunes is available but Philippiines is not in the list. What should I do now? I cannot create an iTunes Store Account because I live in a country where iTunes is not available. How could I get the January Software Upgrade of iPod Touch? Is there another way to purchase it even if I live in a country where iTunes is not offered? Please help me. Thanks.

Email Response:

Dear Maruel,

I understand you would like to purchase iPod January Update on the iTunes Store.

If you would like to purchase from an iTunes Store in a particular country, you must have both a residential address and a billing address in that particular country. Items on any particular country's iTunes Store are available only for distribution to customers who use a credit card, debit card, iTunes Gift Certificate, or iTunes Gift Card issued in and for that country.

For example, the U.S. iTunes Store can only sell to U.S. residents using credit cards or debit cards that were issued in and for the U.S., or U.S. residents using iTunes Gift Certificates or Gift Cards that were purchased in the U.S.

I am sorry, but the iPod January Update is not available for purchase anywhere other then the iTunes Store at this time. If you would like to request that it be available by other means you may do so by visiting the iTunes feedback page at:

I hope this information has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can continue to assist you in any way. Thank you for choosing Apple products and have a lovely day.


Austin, TX
iTunes Store Customer Support

My Reply:

Will it be okay if I just let someone that lives in the U.S. purchase the iPod January Update for me? I will still be using my Apple Account but I will let someone living in the U.S. pay the update for me. Will that be ok?

The feedback form of does not have a request type suitable for my problem. The request type is required. What can I do? Is there another way I can make a request?

Email Response:

Dear Maruel,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, your update it delivered directly via your iTunes account so you must have a valid account in a iTunes country to get the update, and be logged into that account on your phone.

You may be able to locate more information on how to make this happen by visiting the iPod troubleshooting tips, tutorials, and service information here:

I hope these resources help to resolve the issue you are experiencing. If you require more in-depth assistance, you may wish to call Apple technical support (there may be a fee associated with the call). To find the appropriate phone number, please visit:

I am very sorry to refer you to another department for this issue. We here at iTunes Store Customer Support are only trained to answer nontechnical questions exclusively about billing, customer accounts, downloading purchases, and iTunes Store content. The wonderful folks at Apple Technical Support are better qualified to assist you further.


Austin, TX
iTunes Store Customer Support


This is my first iPod and I think the first Apple products to own. I don't that its not common for Apple to charge for an update. When I told a friend who also owns an iPod that I can't get the January update because I have to buy it, sinagot niya ako ng isang malaking "BAKIT?" at "Ano ba yan? Bakit kailangan pa bayaran?". I just bought this iPod last month and I think its unfair to charge $20 for the upgrade.

Anyway, even before I knew that its not common and even now that I think its unfair, I'm still willing to pay for the $20 because I'm afraid to jailbrake . So I had an idea, why not let a friend or a relative in the U.S. to pay for it. So I called the Tech Support for Philippines, which is 1-800-1441-0234, to ask some questions and if my idea is ok or legal. My call has been assigned to this female agent who have an indian-like accent that is little hard to understand. I told her about how I want to purchase the upgrade and she told me the same info like in the reply I got from my feedback. I told her about my idea, she put me on hold to confirm it. When she got back, she told me that I can't do that. I explained it again, and I find out that she misunderstood me the first time. She though I was just going to give a U.S. billing info so that I can create a U.S. iTunes Store account and from the tone of her voice, she sounded like that's illegal and you can't make up details like that. I explained it again and told her that I will let somebody in the U.S. to purchase the upgrade for me. I told her that I will put the billing info of my friend or relative to that they will be the ones to be charged. Then she replied, I don't really remember the exact words but it goes like this, "There are many customers here who are calling about this issue but you are the first one I heard to have an idea like this. Please hold on while I confirm it." When she got back, she told me that it was ok. I asked again to confirm it and make sure it is legal. She said yes, its legal. She asked for the serial number of my iPod and the call was ended.

Now, I'm just waiting for a while and reading other the user comments and feedbacks in other threads and other forums in other websites. I also waiting for Apple, I hope they give it for free. When all else fails, I think i going to continue with my idea if I'm still afraid to jailbrake my iPod.


Magkano kaya ang tawag dun sa tech support na yun? Medyo matagal din kasi kami nagusap kasi hindi ko siya masyado maintindihan at ang tagal niya bumalik kapag hinohold niya ako.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the one with all the new changes

1. I upgraded this blog to the new Blogger which is more easier to use with widgets and all that features, haha.ΓΌ I can now easily add, edit, rearrange, and remove its content.

2. I am now using a new template for this blog. Yehey! :D I have been using the template before this for I think 3 years now and its now time for a new one. I hope you liked this one. I know you have seen this one already because there are only a handful of templates the Blogger provides so I'm stuck with those until I make templates for myself or get templates that are made by other people.

3. I put up a bookmark button in every post so that you can easily bookmark and share any post you want in any social bookmarking sites and/or social communities that you belong. I got the button from AddThis and there are lots of sites listed on that button like, Digg, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, and many more!

4. I recently discovered Sphere, they connect mainstream and conversational media content. They also offer a widget called Sphere Related Content Widget. This widget finds blog posts and media articles related to your content. I got that widget and put it also in every post and so that you can have additional information on posts. It also works on my tagalog posts. Galing noh! Haha! :D

So these are all the changes I made for this blog. I just hope that I add more content and make new posts because all of this changes will just go to waste if I don't update it more often. So thats all. Just leave a comment if you want by clicking the comment button below this post. Thanks! :D

You can easily bookmark and share my blog by using the bookmark button in the sidebar. Its from AddThis so it works like the bookmark button in the posts.