Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the one with all the new changes

1. I upgraded this blog to the new Blogger which is more easier to use with widgets and all that features, haha.ü I can now easily add, edit, rearrange, and remove its content.

2. I am now using a new template for this blog. Yehey! :D I have been using the template before this for I think 3 years now and its now time for a new one. I hope you liked this one. I know you have seen this one already because there are only a handful of templates the Blogger provides so I'm stuck with those until I make templates for myself or get templates that are made by other people.

3. I put up a bookmark button in every post so that you can easily bookmark and share any post you want in any social bookmarking sites and/or social communities that you belong. I got the button from AddThis and there are lots of sites listed on that button like Del.icio.us, Digg, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, and many more!

4. I recently discovered Sphere, they connect mainstream and conversational media content. They also offer a widget called Sphere Related Content Widget. This widget finds blog posts and media articles related to your content. I got that widget and put it also in every post and so that you can have additional information on posts. It also works on my tagalog posts. Galing noh! Haha! :D

So these are all the changes I made for this blog. I just hope that I add more content and make new posts because all of this changes will just go to waste if I don't update it more often. So thats all. Just leave a comment if you want by clicking the comment button below this post. Thanks! :D

You can easily bookmark and share my blog by using the bookmark button in the sidebar. Its from AddThis so it works like the bookmark button in the posts.