Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the one with all of the Paid To Click (PTC) sites that I joined...

Almost 4 months ago, I joined some Paid To Click (PTC) sites just for fun. I want to be able to experience making money online and I also want to put some $$$ in my PayPal account. These are the status of those account:

1. Advercash
Ads Clicked: 311
Number of Referrals: 22
Referral Clicks: 1393
Balance: $11.31
Payout: $12.50

2. TitanClicks
Ads Clicked: 178
Number of Referrals: 4
Referral Clicks: 223
Balance: $2.20
Payout: $10.00

3. Bux.To
Ads Clicked: 166
Number of Referrals: 0
Referral Clicks: 0
Balance: $1.75
Payout: $10.00

4. SmartBux
Ads Clicked: 100
Number of Referrals: 1
Referral Clicks: 13
Balance: $1.03
Payout: $10.00

5. MyRealCash
Ads Clicked: 115
Number of Referrals: 0
Referral Clicks: 0
Balance: $0.62
Payout: $7.00

6. AdBux
Ads Clicked: 218
Number of Referrals: 2
Referral Clicks: 23
Balance: $0.73
Payout: $10.00

7. BuxGalore
Ads Clicked:
Number of Referrals:
Referral Clicks:
*BuxGalore is down and I can't remember my account status...

As you can see, Advercash is may most maintained account and it will soon reach its payout. I haven't paid attention to the others for I think 2 months now. I lost interest in my other accounts when I got many referrals in Advercash. If I will be active in my other accounts again, it will be on my TitanClicks and Bux.To accounts because I have some referrals in my
TitanClicks account and Bux.To offers you many ads to click daily. If you want to join, just click the link of the PTC site you want. Please join Advercash first and help me get my first payout, thanks! I will just create another post if I reach the payout so that I can show you that not all PTC sites are scam and some of it are real ;)


danpakz said...

wow! ang yaman mo na cguru noh nang dahil nito... ahehehe palibre nman jan maruel.. :p

Maruel said...


Hindi rin, hindi pa nga ako kumikita dito eh, haha! :D

Simple Clicker Admin said...

I thought I would let you know that launched yesterday and there are only 26 members right now. If you join right now you should be able to get a lot of referrals and start earning some decent money.