Friday, January 25, 2008

Spock People Search

The following is a paid review: - the best people search on the Web, is a search engine that is designed for people like you who are looking for other people. This other people could be your friends, relatives, schoolmates, officemates, colleagues, or anyone, even the people you still don't know. To harness the full potential of this people search engine, you must join Spock and make account at their site. After making an account, you can now use the other features of Spock like uploading pictures, adding news, websites, tags, quotes and related people to your own result page or a specific search result. I already signed up at Spock and its fairly easy to get started with it.

There are 3 steps in getting started with Spock:

Step 1: Signup
  • Sign-up at their site.
  • Wait for the confirmation email to be sent in the email that you provided at the sign-up.
  • Click the link in the email to finish your sign-up.
Step 2: Find Contacts from your Address Book or Social Network
  • Spock will let you choose from your address book in popular web-based email services and from your friends in social networking websites.
  • You can choose from Yahoo, GMail, MySpace, LinkedIN, AmericaOnline, Plaxo, and Hotmail.
  • When Spock finds matching results with your contacts, you can choose to Trust these contacts or not.
  • Trusting someone, or adding someone as a friend from the way I see it, allows you to:
  • - Search each other's networks
  • - Share contact Information
  • - Get updates and news about each other
Step 3: Tell Spock About Yourself
  • You will just provide an initial description about yourself in this step.
  • Spock will ask for which city you are in, what college do you go to or did you go to, and the company you are working for right now.
  • These are not permanent and can be changed once you are on your results page and you are logged in.
Before you are brought to your results page, Spock will ask you to upload a picture. You can choose to upload or not upload a picture, it's optional. And that's it! You now have a Spock account then you will be brought to your results page.

Things you can do at your results page:
  • Add pictures
  • Add news
  • Add websites
  • Manage contact info
  • Add relevant tags
  • Add related people
If you want to find people whom you want to add to your trusted contacts but are not in the contacts you provided in Step 2 above, you can just search for them. There is also an advanced search where in you can search for the name or email, tags, and/or location, all at once. There is also an option where in you can specify an age range, gender, and if you want the search results to have a picture or not.

The people search of Spock also have a search widget that you can embed in another web page by simply copying the code provided. This is an example of Spock's search widget:

I used the keywords "Blogger" and "Philippines".

These features combined with the community aspect of makes it a powerful search engine for people. So, when you want to search for someone go to Join - the best people search on the Web!