Sunday, January 20, 2008

Payday Loans ABC

The following is a paid review:

Need cash to buy groceries or to buy something from the hardware store to fix something in your house? Why not loan some money from the bank? But what if you need the money immediately and cannot wait for that lengthy approval process? A Payday Loan Advance is just the right solution for you.

Payday Loans ABC, a guide to online payday loans, payday loan and cash advance on the internet. They will aid you in getting that emergency cash in a quick, easy and confidential way and it does not matter if you need as low as $100 or as high $500.

  1. A copy of your most recent paycheck stub.
  2. A copy of a VOIDED personal check. (Temporary checks will not be accepted.)
  3. Contact numbers for both work and home. Also, permission to contact you on both will be requested.
  4. An active checking account.
  5. A monthly income of no less than $1,000.
  6. Any outstanding payday loans must be settled. That will be confirmed with Teletrack.
  7. A copy of your most recent bank statement. It must be dated within one month (30 days) of the filed application.
  1. Apply for your loan online.
  2. Send all requested documents to Loan representatives via fax. Items such as a current bank statement or a current pay stub may be requested in event of a questionable credit history.
  3. After your loan has been approved, it will appear promptly in your checking account. A standard expectation for receiving your loan is the following business day.
  4. When your next pay period arrives all fees and amounts owed will automatically be deducted from you checking account.
Is that easy or what! Go to Payday Loans ABC to make that payday cash advance now!