Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the one where I asked help from PayPerPost's Support Center about my Google PageRank

It has been 3 days now since that Google slapping incident and my PageRank is still 0. I submitted a ticket to PayPerPost's Support Center hoping they can answer my questions about reserving opportunities given the current status of my PageRank.

Here is the actual ticket that I submitted:

Ticket Description
Topic: PPP Posties (Bloggers)
Topic Details: Reserving Opportunity
Summary: I think I received a "Google Slap".
I think I received a "Google Slap" and my PageRank suddenly decreased from 2 to 0. Does this mean that I don't qualify anymore for Opps that require a PageRank of 1 or more? Those Opps are just few, what should I do?

Here is their reply to ticket:


Looks like this indeed happened to many users at the beginning of this month. I understand your ticket yet, there is nothing we can do. I have noticed several tickets this week with the same issue. It seems mid post or while working on an opp, the posters PR dropped, no longer making them eligible to submit the opp after they had written it. This is because said opp required a larger PR then the user has at time of submit. This is no one's fault, and all we can say is sorry that the post became unavailable due to reasons beyond our control. Google has decided to drop PR w/o warning and it is affecting all our users. To answer your question, yes, you should not be eligible for opps that require PR1 or more. We are actually in the near future moving away from PR to yahoo back link rankings so this should not happen again. Sorry for any convenience and thanks for understanding!


As what I had mentioned before about that Google slapping incident that happened to me, this is happening all throughout the blogosphere and I'm not alone. It's a good idea that PayPerPost is moving away from PageRank and switching to Yahoo back link rankings because all those blogs that are selling links will eventually receive some slapping from Google until all those blogs have a PageRank of 0 and nobody would ever qualify for an opp that requires a PageRank of 1 and above, haha! I think we can ask for reconsideration (I just don't know how, hehe!) but giving us our PageRank back without us ever asking is nicer, hehe! At this point, I'm not really worried now that I lost my PageRank, unlike the first I find out about it, but ironically, I still want it back.