Saturday, March 08, 2008

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I was blog hopping and Entrecard dropping last month when I find out about at ReapMoneyOnline's blog post entitled "Tip It to (us!) has finally launched!". I signed up last March 1 and I just happen to be busy so I haven't told you guys about this (if there are really guys reading this blog, haha!)., "The easiest way to turn content into cash" as what their website have described it, allows people to tip some money to show their support for a particular cause, a person, a website or a specific article or content in that website. Giving and getting tips is easy with You can give tips by clicking a button or a link on a website that will bring you directly to their tipjar. All you have to do is supply an email and the amount you want to tip. You can also give a comment if you want. If you don't have an account yet, will provide you one through the email you have given. You don't have to sign up before you can give a tip. You can also give a tip to any domain you like even if they haven't signed up yet. Just construct a URL in this form, (e.g. To get tips, just sign up and put buttons and links to your website that links to your tipjar. Easy, isn't it? You can visit their FAQ page and blog for more info.

I think what's great about is that they enable their users to give tips in tiny amounts, as low as $0.01. I think this would be great for me because I don't want to put a "Buy Me A Beer" link on each post because I know it won't work like my "Make A Donation" button. I think people hesitate to give tips using these because the minimum amount of $1 is too high. They will likely to give tips with the amount that won't hurt their PayPal accounts, $0.01, haha!

I will be giving my first tip, or should I say first tips, to 4 websites. $1 each for Macuha and Yugatech for all the things I learned there, $0.10 for Entrecard for the bringing me to ReapMoneyOnline and $0.10 for ReapMoneyOnline for the info. I hope they'll accept it. Anyway, it will go back to me if they don't want to, hehe!

I will be putting links and buttons on this blog so that you can tip me if you want or you can also tip me now, haha! So, do you like my article? Want to leave a tip! :D


Bong (JB) said...

Thanks for the mention, much appreciated. And for the tip too. :D

We do hope will become more popular. We also like to add that doesn't have a fixed cut but we can tip them for the use of their system.

Alper said...


Thanks for the great review. We are busy building more features to make tipping easier and better.

It would be great if you would help us make more popular! We can't build this without the community.
Easy ways are by telling people about and by putting buttons on a prominent place on your site.

If you have any questions or if we can help, don't hesitate to contact us.

Maruel said...

@bong... No problem! :) Pinoy kayo diba? Hehe! Something is wrong with the link the your comment so I linked your name in this comment to your site.

Maruel said...


I really don't want to make a review but I got excited about and I want to share the services that your website offers to other people :D

I haven't placed the "Most recent tippers" badge and "Stuff I've been tipping" badge yet but I'll place them once I've decided where to put them. I don't want my sidebar to be packed full of stuff. I'll also place a "Like my article? Leave a tip!" kind of post footer.

Is there any way we can modify the badges so that it can fit the layout, theme and design of the page?

Will you be making plugins for different kinds of blog platforms like blogger, wordpress, typepad, and etc? For example, clicking the "Like my article? Leave a tip!" post footer will automatically put the title of the article in the comments included with your tip.

Alper said...

Cool to hear that.

For the customization: we are going to post the original files for the button so you can modify them as you wish. About modifying the style of the badges, I have to check back with you on that.

And we are definitely going to make plugins for blog systems. Expect them in the near future.

Reinier Zwitserloot said...

Warning: HTML technospeak ahead!

The 'recent tippers' and 'tipjars I've recently been tipping' widgets both dynamically load a stylesheet into the current document. This stylesheet controls just about all the styling, including the size of the widget.

If you go to which is just the standard widget but wrapped into a standalone HTML page, and check the source, you can see how the widget is separated into CSS and HTML fragments.

It should be easy to override all of the style settings by either using !important or by using the CSS precedence rules: Wrap the widget into a div with a known class or ID, and recreate all style rules but this time including the wrapper div's class or ID, so that the rules are more specific. I haven't personally tried it but it should work.

For example, let's say you wrapped the widget into a div with id 'tipitWrapper' like so:

<script src=""></script>
<div id="tipitWrapper"><div id="tipit-recent-tippers"><a href=""></a> badge</div></div>

then the following rule in your stylesheet should override the widget's internal rule:

#tipitWrapper .tipitRecentTippers {
font-family: monospace;

and the widget should render with a wildly different font.

Of course, at this particular instance in time that won't work, because our colocation provider just went down about 10 minutes ago, and our server with it. Here's hoping they fix it quickly. It's not exactly working hours over here in the Netherlands just now :/

Reinier Zwitserloot said...

Follow-up: We're back online.

Thanks again for the feedback and the support, Maruel!

Maruel said...


Original files for the button as in the Adobe Photoshop Image (.PSD) files, or equivalent file, of the JPEG version?

Alper said...

@maruel Editable Adobe Illustrator and/or PDF files. Our designer doesn't work with Photoshop.

Maruel said...


Wow! I didn't know that "rtd" page (e.g. It's not mentioned on your site, right? I also looked into the source of the original script (e.g. used in your widgets and it looks almost exactly like the source of the "rtd" page. The source of the "rtd" page is just more readable than the source of the "rt".

Thanks for that info. That is really helpful. The reason why I'm not yet putting the widgets is that the limit or my limit for the things I put in my sidebar is 200px wide. The "recent tippers" widget just have the right width as it is already 200px wide but the "tipjars I've recently been tipping" widget is 250px wide so that's why I asked alper if there is a way we can modify it so that it can fit the layout, theme and/or design of our page.

Thank you also for the reply and thanks again for the tip! :)

Is ok use the term "'rt' page" or "'rtd' page"? I don't want creating terms for other users of your site, hehe. :)

Maruel said...


Ok, I'll just watch out for it so that I can blog about it when you release it. :)

Reinier Zwitserloot said...

'rt' stands for recent tipper. 'rtd' is just the rt widget wrapped into its own page for testing purposes, and its also used on the 'snippetHelp' page, such as

Tipjars are required to be over 5 characters in length, and as is one of the main ways you can tip sites, I tend to pick very short names for stuff like this so that I don't create a conflict with a valid tipjar name. Unfortunately this creates some rather unreadable bits and pieces of URL here and there. My apologies.

gLeNn said...

mar, slamat sa gift! hehe ;) nice TIP!

Maruel said...

@glenn... Wala yun, sumakto lang talaga yung birthday mo sa pagkadiscover ko sa tapos may extra pa akong pera sa wallet ko dun, at saka gusto ko rin pala sumali sa contest mo. Pinagsabay sabay ko na lahat, haha! :D