Saturday, March 15, 2008

Smorty, a Blog Advertising Network

The following is a paid review:

Smorty is a blog advertising network that connects advertisers to bloggers and vice-versa. Smorty's services benefits both the advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers can sign up at Smorty, start ad campaigns, and distribute it to bloggers while bloggers that have signed up at Smorty wait for these ad campaigns, write opinions about it, and get paid to blog. It's a win win situation for both advertisers and bloggers alike.

For advertisers, the first step is to sign up and open a blog advertising account. After opening a blog advertising account, create an ad campaign. Create a topic for your ad campaign, think of the keywords you want to be used for this ad campaign, and provide the links to be used for the keywords. Wait for Smorty administrators to review and approve your ad campaign. When you ad campaign is approved, it will be distributed to bloggers so that they can review your site and the services that it offers. Once the bloggers are finished with their articles, you can now review their blog posts and decide if the description, keywords, and links you have provided have been followed. After the the blog posts have been approved, all you have to do is sit down and watch as your site climb the search engines and receive traffic.

For bloggers, the first step is to sign up and open an an account. After opening an account and signing up as a blogger, submit your blog and wait for Smorty administrators to review and approve it. Once your blog has been approved, you're now ready to receive tasks associated with the ad campaigns that are suitable for your blog. Smorty will email you these suitable ad campaigns and you can login to your account to accept these tasks. Make a blog post taking into account the keywords that should be used and the links that are provided to be linked with those keywords. After making the blog post, go back to your account and enter the details of the blog post you have made and wait for its approval. You get paid for blogging after your blog post have been approved. Bloggers are paid weekly through PayPal.

So if you're an advertiser and you wants to advertise on blogs or if you're a blogger who wants to blog for money, Smorty is just the site for you!