Sunday, April 06, 2008

the one when I received my first Advercash payout!

I just received my first Advercash payout! I should have blogged about it last Friday but I don't want it to share limelight with my Smorty and PayPerPost payout post, haha! I cashed it out last February, a week or two after I made a post about the statuses of all the Paid To Click (PTC) sites that I joined, and it arrived in our mailbox just 2 days ago. I think they sent it last March and it took more or less 1 month to reach the Philippines.

So here's the proof that the check did arrive in our mailbox. Yeah, as you all can see, a little part of it is torn. I don't know why but it looked liked this when I opened the envelope. I hope I can still encash it without problems. Regardless whether it is in good condition or a little part of it is torn, this proof will be the 1st or 2 proofs. The 2nd one would be the money, receipt, or something that says the that I have encashed it and I have received the money. I'll try to encash it on Tuesday. Wish me luck!