Monday, February 11, 2008

the one with the wonderful Project Wonderful!

I signed up at Project Wonderful last February 1, 2008. I submitted this blog immediately after I signed up so that I can also be a publisher, but it got rejected so I'm stuck being an advertiser. I want to become both an advertiser and a publisher so that even if I'm winning bids and my funds are being decreased, I can also earn and pay off my winning bids at the same time. Self liquidating is the term, right?

Anyway, I made this post because, at last, this blog have been approved and I'm also a publisher now! I can now start putting ad boxes on this site and start selling ads with Project Wonderful. As you can see, I'm still experimenting with the type of ad boxes and the location on where should I put them. I think they should be optimized so that I would know how much will I really earn from them. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is $10, so if you want to withdraw funds monthly, the minimum you had to make is $10 monthly. I currently have 4 ad boxes, three 125X125 and one 468X60. If I could earn $0.09 from each of the 4 ad boxes everyday, that's a total of $0.36 a day, I could earn $10.8 a month and be able to withdraw funds monthly. This is just the minimum so my goal now is to reach $0.09 each per ad box.

I'm still new on being a publisher but I hope I also earn a couple of bucks from Project Wonderful. I'm happy I signed up at Project Wonderful! I hope I reach my goal! This is great, Project Wonderful together with Entrecard will offer many great oppurtunities for this blog!