Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Share My iPod Songs

I will be starting a series of blog posts entitled "Share My Ipod Songs". As the name suggests, I will be sharing the songs in my iPod on those posts. The series will last until I have shared all the songs in my iPod. So if there are new songs, the series will not end, haha! Of course the series will end. All things come to an end. I'm just saying that the series will be longer if I add songs to my iPod from time to time. If you want to ask me if I will be sharing just a list of the songs or will I be uploading the songs too so that you can download and listen to it, the answer is, I'm still thinking about it.

If I upload the songs:
Will I violate copyright laws even if it is my personal blog? Will Google Adsense punish me for violating their program policies?

If I don't upload the songs:
Will it be useless to the readers if I just present them a list of songs? And isn't it better if the readers could also listen to what I'm listening?

I will start sharing my iPod songs next week. I should have made my mind by that time but until that time comes, I want some of your thoughts about this. Is this a good or a bad idea? Should I upload songs and let people download it or should I just tell them what I'm currently listening to?