Friday, February 15, 2008

Share My iPod Songs: Powerspace - The Kicks Of Passion

This is my first blog post from my Share My iPod Songs series of blog posts and it will feature Powerspace's first album, The Kicks Of Passion. This is one of the first albums that I downloaded when I bought my first iPod last December 2007. I liked their Alternative/Power Pop/Pop Punk sound (don't ask me about these genres because I can't really explain it clearly, hehe) and this album has the most played songs on my iPod. If you want to know more about what their music is all about, just download and listen to their album below.

Artist: Powerspace
Album: The Kicks Of Passion

1. Prologue: Adam Beckett
2. Quarantine My Heart (Baby)
3. Powerspace Snap Bracelet
4. Right On, Right Now
5. Amplifire
6. Be Aggressive
7. This Is Not What You Had Planned
8. Dancing In The Future
9. Choose Your Own Adventure
10. It Smells Like Electricity In Here
11. I Met My Best Friend In Prague
12. Sleep, Everyone...